The mailing list yahoo group "shanghai-rpg@yahoogroups.de" was founded August 17, 2002. This was over the years our primary communication tool, but there were also other groups for certain capaigns. Since then we played a wide variety of stuff:

Successful campaigns:

  1. Campaign: D&D 3.0 / Drow Roman Empire
    August 2002 - July 2003
    GM: Andreas, Players: Matthieu, Chris, Thomas, Mady (a Shanghainese Man dynasty princess)
    We played in a world which was resembling the Roman Empire run by a drow aristocracy, the citizens were mostly human. I played a Drow cleric named Lysistrata if I remember correctly. We sailed off with a Legion and got stranded on an island full of vicious tribal people and we befriended the most disgusting one, the Spider Tribe.
    We gave up because of losing focus on where the campaign should lead to. But we had a number of really good games especially with the Spider Tribe which was very colorful and disgusting.

  2. Campaign: Seventh Sea / D&D crossover
    April 2003 (first try), July 2003 (real campaign start) - November 2006
    GM: Chris, Players: Only Matthieu & Andreas for a long time, later Doris and since 2004 Barry, David and Daniel near the end, others came and went.
    I used the oldest D&D adventures from back in the 80s such as Isle of Dread and Quagmire, and re-did them in a swashbuckling style. Characters were a merchant family from Darokin with their own exploration ship, the "Event Horizon" if I remember correctly :-)
    The flair was exploration, colonial life, competing traders, pirates (the infamous "Captain Insano" was a nemesis through the whole campaign) mixed with a lot of original D&D fantasy and goofy shit like lizardmen camps and dinosaurs on a "lost world" island. I replaced magic by artifacts from the "second age" which was a high-tech age supposedly ended by a nuclear war or something. This was always a bit mystical and only became more obvious towards the end of the campaign.
    I discontinued because the game didn't survive Matthieus departure, his and Andreas character (brother and sister) had been the central point of the campaign and it didn’t work anymore.

  3. Campaign: Legend of the 5 rings
    mid 2004 - Jan 2006
    GM: Andreas, Players: Matthieu, Barry, Doris and Chris. Some adventures were run by Matthieu.
    Samurai game in a fantasy world, there is a Great Wall to the south of Rokugan behind which demons and stuff live. However a great deal of L5R deals with the social interaction of the different samurai families and their various definitions of "honor". I remember some NPCs such as Bichiko and the great master Hida Masaka (read "massacre"). I also remember having Sushi and Sake with the game. We stopped mostly because Barry REALLY REALLY didn't like the genre while Matthieu was just a bit much into the social stuff...

  4. Campaign: Shadowrun / Hong Kong
    December 2006 - 2009
    GM: Chris, Players: Daniel, Shawn, David, Andreas, Daniel, Steve, sometimes Barry
    Shadowrun set in Hong Kong, we played long enough to warrant a space in the "successful campaigns" I think, but I was never THAT happy with it. Players also changed a lot, I finally stopped when David left. The campaign went on for three years but in fact we only had 10 sessions or something like that, because WoD was always the priority for everyone.

  5. Campaign: World of Darkness / Precinct 13
    January 2006 - today
    GM: Barry, Players: us, Matthieu, David, Shawn, Daniel, Steve etc
    So this is definitely the longest campaign we ever played, Barry overtook my Seventh Seas campaign which took a while. Way to go! And I still love it :-)
    We are not playing any kind of supernatural entities here, also no heroes (some players have a problem with this), we are underpaid, underequipped cops of Precinct 13 in Detroit - Barry's perverted, absolutely horrible fantasy of Detroit.

  6. Campaign: StarWars / Scum of the Galaxy
    July 2009 - July 2010
    GM: Jan, Players: Jubal, Chris, Max (+ David, Andreas, Daniel, Barry as guests)
    Jan played a nice "scum and villainy" campaign with us and I had my entrèe as a Jedi frozen in Carbonite. We bought a ship named "Sparrow" which came with an evil medical droid and we visited a lot of infamous planets, but Tatooine was always our favorite port of call.

  7. Campaign: D&D 3.5 / Renegades
    August 2009 - December 2010
    GM: Justin, Players: John, Rick, Mike, Bobby, Guests Frank, Dave, Danny
    The campaign back drop was, Cormyr and particularly two character's rise to political relevance, in that particular corner of Faerun. The offical Realms Calander dates ( of the campaign) would have been: cr 1372 Tarsakh- 1373 Kythron.
    The campaign took characters from 1st-12th level.

  8. Campaign: D&D 3.5 / Azure Runes
    January 2010 - February 2011
    GM: John, Players: Justin, Rick, Mike, Leroy, Frank, Dave, Jan, Chris, Matt, Martin
    Azure Runes is a campaign set in the North of the Forgotten Realms, and resolves around a group of heroes who have been "blessed" by their respective gods with runes covering their forearms and calves, making them destined to stop a big and evil conspiracy. Partly inspired by the Neverwinter Nights computer game, the campaign played in and around Doryn, Mirabar and Luskan, as well as in the Spine of the World mountains and surrounding wilderness areas.

  9. Campaign: D&D 3.5 / Remenants
    March 2012 - today
    GM: Justin; Players: Frank, Chris, Martin
    This campaign is the followup of the Azure Runes Game and has even a couple of the old player characters in it, even if some just as NPCs. Can't say much more now, there hasn't been a lot of games yet, but you can check in the Forum for Journals.

Short campaigns and one-shots:

  1. A roleplaying God visiting our Shanghai gaming group
    Sunday, September 10, 2006
    GM: Erick Wucjik, Players: Barry, Andreas, Chris
    Erick Wucjik, the inventor of Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game and other games, was running a game for us. He was already living in Shanghai for three years back then and we didn't know earlier, so there was never a repetition.
    Neither will there be, because tragically Erick died of cancer in 2008, aged only 56.

  2. short Campaign: RuneQuest / Warhammer
    April 2009 - June 2009
    GM: Chris, Players: David, Oyvind, Nate
    I GM'ed the classic "Shadows Over Bogenhafen" adventure but players all left so it was only really this one adventure.

  3. short campaign: D&D 4E / Twin City
    February 2009 - April 2009
    GM: Jubal, Players: Jan, David F., Oyvind, Clement

  4. short campaign: D&D 4E / From the prison to the slums
    November 2008 - February 2009
    GM: Jan, Players: Christoph, David F., Clement

  5. short campaign: Mutants and Masterminds
    early 2009
    GM: David, Players: Jubal and Jan

campaigns that failed to lift off:
  1. Call of Cthulhu, GM Matthieu
    End of 2002 we tried to play a Call of Cthulhu horror game in Prague which was not unlike World of Darkness. Matthieu blew us all into knowing that the whole world is not what it seems within the first evening. There was no second one.

  2. funny french game, GM Matthieu
    I just remember our attributes were called red, yellow and green and we were some kind of space pilots. The first mission ended with us all dying and waking up again because it was all just a simulation. There was no second one.

  3. TORG, GM Barry
    March 2004 - June 2004, Barry's first shot at GM'ing lasted only a few evenings. TORG has some good ideas but the genre mix is not everybody's favorite, and the 'world rules' are really unflexible... Spoiling the fun for some of us. I remember it was mostly Andreas who vetoed this.

  4. 4. Fringeworthy, GM Barry
    July 2005, Barry's second shot at GM'ing didn't exactly go better then the first, also for genre crossover and because Matthieu bacame a more and more complicated player to please.

  5. StarWars, GM Barry and Andreas
    January 2006, our first take on Star Wars was torpedoed by Matthieu, this was the moment he stopped gaming. We didn't even manage to get the group together.

  6. Tribe 8, GM Steve
    June 2007, Steve tried to be a GM but decided after a short trial that he was not up for it.