RPG Systems

Here we can make a short overview over the RPGamers we've been playing

Dungeons & Dragons

Perhaps the most classic role playing game there is on the planet. In Shanghai even pubs have been names after this epic and historical game that was invented by the Gary Gygax in 1974 or perhaps much much ealier. It provides a bunch of campaign worlds from Classical High Fantary alá Lord of the Rings over doomsday scenarios to steampunkish worlds. It's perhaps the most played game in Shanghai simply because most people that do RPG are familiar with it. more to follow....

World of Darkness

You people that know this game will expect a game of vampires and werewolves, but actually these kinds of settings very too feminine for us. Our testosterone overflowing story tellers (that's the WOD term for Gamemaster) made a complete homebrew which can be best described as "playing hardened cops in a dirty vicios city". more to follow....

Star Wars Saga Edition

This is the third of three Star Wars roleplaying systems that came out. The first one being the "d6"-Star Wars system was a very good game, but only included the material from the first three movies and force users (that shouldn't be around too much of) where seriously more powerfull than normal characters. The second one was the "d20" system and features more sourcebooks to Star Wars backround, but there were major rule glitches and imbalances. All this is over! With the Saga Edition Wizards of the Coast probably created their best game ever. Rulewise it's somewhat in the middle of DnD 3.5 and 4 Edition. Easy to learn, fast, cinematic, balances. A great gaming experience.



While not a Role Playing Game this is probably the most played Table Top Game among the group. It's based on the Marvel Universe and includes all the characteres we know and love from our childhood. Well, at least some of us. There are those who really can't deal with super heroes.