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Chris is the perhaps most senior member of all the roleplaying gamers in Shanghai and the founder of the Shanghai-rpg yahoo mailing list in 2002. Being in Shanghai for the long haul he is always happy to see new gamers join and sad to see others go. But no matter what, the games must go on!
Kai was raised on the mean streets of Hudson County, NJ, this would be super villain has been living in Shanghai for 6 months. Gladly joined the local gaming community, to scout and recruit hirelings for his plan of global apocalypse. Currently catching stray cats and building a modified particle accelerator in his apartment in preparation for his apocalyptic ritual of calling forth YogSothoth, which will be held somewhere in an eon forgotten abandoned alien city in the Gobi desert, just like the message on the 50 million year old metal tablet, written in his own hand!!!!, says!!( which, by the way, he found in a flea market in Lodi, NJ of all places!). . Likes decaying subway stations, burnt out industrial buildings, and Snickers bars. Dislikes small dogs, bad breath, and asian sizing in clothes.
Justin, the Biker that never was. Interest: rainy days, long walks on the beach, and sliding my masterwork sword into fresh orc guts; Turn ons: Liaoning massage girls & see above about the orc guts; Turn offs: bad breathe and D&D 4.0; was heard saying, " D&D 4.0 is like pudding, you either feed it to babies or those who have weak stomachs"
Have you ever heard of the guy that takes a dump in the pissoir and throws up in the sink on a bar's toilet? This very senior member of our group who's name we keep confidential at this point has been our valued story teller for the World of Darkness campaign, that's been running since 2005 in Shanghai.
Very well adopted to China and it's habits he's here to stay, starting as a slave worker in a Chinese/German sweat shop he recently slept his way through the ranks to be the whip holder and soon may even become the deputy slave driver.
No Picture yet Martin is the proper geek as you can find him. Majored in computer science, he came to China to search his luck and was in return found by it. However, even in a new habitat it's hard to let go of old habits, so he went forth to seek companions for the endless-battle-against-the-minions-of-darkness-or-whatever-we-may-come-across. Prefered style of playing? No-dice-neccessary-just-play-out-your-character!
No Picture yet The infamous Frank
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Shanghai Gamers Alumni

David really looks like that. You may thinks that this is just supposed to be a joke of some kind, but if you think away the turban and a bit more hair on the back, Yeah, that's our Dave. No, he doesn't have any affiliation to Taliban and is actually Christian, but he always get's into the terrorist controlls be it in China or the US (not sure what other countries it might have happend too). After 4000 years in China he heard the calling back in the States to make his PHD degree and left us. You won't be forgotten.
Jan came to Shanghai in 2008, missing the country of his desire by a mere 1500 clicks. Of course he managed to establish himself in Shanghai in the end, perhaps because it's one of the coolest places on the planet. Infamous for eating (mean ordering) 20 cheese burgers for a game session (twice!), he's also is a welcomed guest to the Shanghai RPG Groups for his masterwork German brew that he willingly shares. After three wonderful years in Shanghai he had to leave under tears, when his company decided to relocate him to a city in China which is far less attractive. Well, can't always roll a 20.
Christoph was twice in Shanghai the first time in 2005 as a student and the second time in 2008 as company slave. It was only until his second stay that he discovered the Shanghai gaming community through a friend from his hometown that also made his way to the city of the Oriental Perl Tower (See left side in the picture). He took part in the WoD-Game having his Irak-veteran-character shot dead in the first session and in the first tryouts of DnD 4E. Back in his home country he's still looking for a worthy replacement for the group in Shanghai, but trying to find good gamers can be a frustrating thing once you have tasted the ambrosia of the RPG.
Jubal a common multi-class geek, babysitter and long-sleeper, was not always on time for the start of a gaming session, but made up for it with some of the best roleplaying shanghai has seen. Originating from a long line of gamers, RPG was practically fed to him like breast milk as from his family also many successful gamers emerged. In the end like it ends with all good gamers sadly he had to leave Shanghai after three years of mutation and mayhem.
John, a wandering bard from the Republic of California, was in Shanghai from 2008-2011. He is a fantasy writer and computer game addict who became a born-again roleplayer because Chinese office life was draining his creativity. He was the much-feared DM of the popular Azure Runes campaign in Forgotten Realms D&D (3.5 edition); also remembered for his Oscar-nominated portrayal of a violent, honor-bound knight of Cormyr in the Renegades campaign.
The time Matt "Fife Fingers" of the Kingdom NeverseenanAyi spend in Shanghai was certainly for too short, but intensive. Playing mainly in the Azures Runes game, he didn't miss a chance for socialising off the gaming table.
As one of the few people that picket up gaming after comming to China, Rick Rocket became legend, not because his name sounds like that of a porn actor's. He lead a good life in China with women, friends and party, but he hasn't been always that lucky. In one game session his halfling got 'thunderfisted' and he lost a piece of his front tooth (Again, I'm truly sorry about this accident!). He had to leave China unexpectedly when he found out that you need a permission in form of a visa from the government. Well, it took the officials three years to tell him and at the beginning they even told him that he could stay. Well, we should know better than to trust any government officials. Back in his homecountry he's seems to be back to his old streak of luck.
Mike the Giant
Max grew up in the bronx of Paris, fighting for survival on daily base. His biggest enemy are coriander and pork (no religious reasons). When he came to China it was to study the language and the culture, instead he spend most time drinking and gaming with expats and he even brought his own girlfriend to the country (like you would take wood into the forest). With deep regret he went back to his country where he's now confined to the countryside, watching the cattle and dwelling over the fact that shops don't open on Sundays.